Reich Legion

Overview: Fanatical and well organized paramilitary organization that is determined to restore the Nazi ideology to the forefront of global politics.

Overall Threat Level: Moderate to high.

Leader: Colonel Reinhardt Klinkmann (Deceased?)
Other Leadership: Unknown.

Operating Areas: Europe, North America, South America.
Headquarters: Unknown.
Estimated Personnel Strength: 1,000+
Estimated Resources: Over $500 million in liquid funds, believed to be hidden across many front organizations. Considerable access to civilian assets, and some military assets.
Primary Income: Investments, sale of plundered good from WWII era, various fundraiser efforts, including stock market manipulation.

- Destabilize western powers/economy.
- Drive up recruitment of ‘select’ ethnic communities,specifically targeting the poor and lower classes.
- Restore Nazi Ideology, including the persecution of ‘non-select’ ethnic groups.
- Acquire relics, technology from Nazi Germany.
- Experiment and implement new super-solider technology to assure dominance.
- Subvert existing governments, especially right-wing leaning groups, and create ‘puppet states’.

Operative Assessment Matrix:
Military Training: ()()()()()()
Covert Operations: ()()()
Technology Ops: ()()(
Social Engineering:()()()()
Notes: Legion Operatives display a high-level of combat capability, likely speaking to Legion recruitment procedures. Covert operations do occur, but are often exposed due to a certain lack of subtlety on the part of some Legion operatives. Technology based operations have been noted, most significantly during the Bermuda Investigation however, there may be a lack of dedicated access to high technology to feed into Legion operations. In the current global political climate, there is a ready supply of hard-core, right-wing supported, and thus, the Legion has become adept at recruiting and manipulating supported through social engineering (E.g. bribery, coercion and extortion).

Reich Legion

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