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Welcome! This site is the home of the UNISON RPG campaign. UNISON is the ongoing, evolution of a pen and paper campaign that had its start with Crafty Games’ Spycraft and Living Spycraft lines. A group of us here in Ontario became deeply involved with our espionage characters, and are continuing their story lines here.

Would you like to get involved? This site is an opportunity for other role playing fans of the cinematic espionage genre to do just that. Sure, you’ll see our famous/infamous characters here, but you can get involved and create your own legend just the same!

Please explore the materials below, and if you’d like to chat with the GM, you can send a private message to Rusty401 to get started, after checking out our Character Generation rules.

Core Rules Set – Savage Worlds

We currently use Savage Worlds for our rules set. The original and updated releases of Spycraft are still among the best RPG’s out there (I’ve a particular fondness for first edition Spycraft!), however, Savage Worlds is proving to be fast, fun and furious in its own right… not to mention quite affordable. The link below will take you to a site where you can download the Test Drive rules for Savage Worlds. This will give you all the info you’d need to make your own character.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group Download Site

Test Drive v6 Rules PDF

Other Rules

This RPG campaign makes use of some custom rules that help us story tell an exciting, and involved mission, much like we enjoy seeing in a spy movie.

Investigation System – Click here to learn more about our Investigation System Rules… likely the most common set of rules you’ll encounter while participating in our turn-based play.

OOC Overview

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