Mandate and General Orders


UNISON will protect the interests of Global Security as outlined in the Charter of the United Nations. From time to time, this may include assignments from the UN Security Council to persecute threats to Global Security under the direction of UNISON Command.

General Order One
UNISON operates off the public record, but is responsible to the UN Security Council. At the discretion of UNISON Command, UNISON Personnel deemed to be irrecoverably lost to the public record may be abandoned in order to preserve the protected nature of UNISON. Other actions deemed necessary by UNISON Command will be approved by the UN Security Council.

General Order Two
At the request of a UN Member Nation, UNISON’s existence can be confirmed to that Member Nation’s security forces. Such requests are approved by the UN Security Council.

General Order Three
At all times, UNISON Command and all UNISON personnel are expected to conform to the standards of International Law, and those National/Regional laws that may apply where UNISON personnel and resources are deployed. Violations of such laws, whether appearing in the public record or not, may be deemed actionable by UNISON Command under General Order One, and may subject offending personnel to legal persecution in their home country.

General Order Four
Under special permission from the UN Security Council or its Chair, General Order Three may be temporarily repealed to meet unprecedented risks to Global Security. This repeal has a maximum limit of 90 days and all UNISON actions during the repeal period are subject to review.

General Order Five
UNISON Command is given sanction to acquire, develop, manufacture or train any and all personnel, data networks, equipment, munitions, vehicles or other logistics as required to maintain Global Security.

General Order Six
UNISON personnel may be recruited from Member Nations’ civilian, defense or security sectors as deemed necessary by UNISON Command.

General Order Seven
UNISON is granted a quarterly operating buget that is reviewed and adjusted based on performance in each fiscal quarter. The nature of UNISON operations may increase or decrease the budgetary flow of capital or operational surplus. In any event of a 50% + or – in UNISON resources a forensic accounting investigation will be launched at the request of the UN Security Council.

Mandate and General Orders

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