Contributing Nations

The following UN Member Nations have contributed the following resources to UNISON.


  1. BEAVer Satellite Surveillance System – Standing for Broadcast Emission Analysis and Verification, BEAVer is a premier satellite surveillance network that can be accessed by UNISON CIC. The network of satellites can be used to track everything from cell phone, sat-scram, telephone and internet transmissions. Capable of multi-lingual translation with lightning speeds, BEAVer is the envy of many other, larger nations’ intelligence services. The Canadian Government and RCIS service that maintains the system have a strong history of cooperation with UN initiatives, and are often available to provide additional analysis of intercepted data.
  2. ARMOR-1 – A repurposed LAVIII infantry armored vehicle has been loaned to UNISON. This unit, designated ARMOR-1 is mounted with a 20mm cannon, .50 cal machines guns, 2 anti-tank missles and an enhanced communications array with BEAVer uplink.
  3. Funding – 2.5 million dollars of annual funding.


  1. Équipe D’Intervention Globale (EdIG) – No stranger to international emergency response, the French government maintains a team of 12 qualified operatives that can be on the ground to assist UNISON agents with practically any situation ranging from the diplomatic to military. It can take from 4-24 hrs for the team to arrive in the requested region, where they will remain, attached to UNISON command for up to 48hrs. After 48hrs, without express permission of the French government, the team is recalled as to not exceed any international agreements.
  2. Commission de l’Energie Atomique (CEA) – Proficient in nuclear technologies, the French government is responsible for maintaining control over their own arsenal and take an express interest in the nuclear capability of many other groups across the globe. They have lent their expert Atomic scientists to UNISON on priority notice. UNISON CIC can page an oncall CEA representative 24×7 in the case of an urgent situation involving possible weaponization of fissionable materials or related issues.
  3. Funding – 18 million dollars of annual funding.


  1. Heckler and Koch – H&K weapons are freely available for assignment to UNISON operatives.
    H&K Weapons Catalogue
  2. Customized German Automobiles – Every 3 months, 1 or 2 highly tuned, reinforced (e.g. police duties) B&M, Audi or Mercedes vehicles can be requesitioned for UNISON deployment.
  3. Funding – 4 million dollars of annual funding.

Great Britain

  1. UNISON Mobile CIC – The British government has loaned an older but refurbished British Airways 747-400 to UNISON. The jet retains familiar, and globally welcomed ‘British Airways’ painting and registry, but contains an electronics/command suite, anti-missle defenses, offices, berths (10 private, 10 double), an armory, HALO bay and egress ramp for two passenger vehicles (also carried aboard). The airliner is capable of in-flight refuelling, travels at a speed of roughly 600Mph and has a range of over 8,200 miles. Simply put, this plane is capable of putting an action team down anywhere in the world, while maintaining a reasonable amount of cover as a commercial airliner. It is believed there are few more specialized jets of this type in the world, Airforce One being amongst them.

  1. MI6 Q Branch – Master of gadgetized tradecraft, Q Branch is available for gadget requests and will gladly assist matters of electronics, engineering or similar technical edeavor with their experienced advice.
  2. Funding – 21 million dollars of annual funding.

United States of America

  1. US Army Logistics Support – A C130 Transport Plane can be provisioned to bring heavier UNISON equipment (E.g. Armor-1) to nearly any remote location in the world within 48hrs.
  2. Seal Team Six – A skilled team of black ops soldiers can be deployed anywhere in the world within 48hrs to perform strike, search and rescue or acquisition/retrieval missions.
  3. CIA Langely Information Sharing Agreement (CIA-ISA) – In keeping with US national interests, the CIA has agreed to an information sharing agreement with UNISON. Provided there is equal access between systems, the CIA and UNISON may search each other’s intelligence files. Some data, marked at the most classified of levels may still be out of reach to both agencies, but the presence of such files will be noted.
  4. Funding – 85 million dollars of annual funding.
    Note – Support of the United States is particularly susceptible to political oversight and media scrutiny. Exposure of UNISON operations and US involvement in said operations is guaranteed to reduce US support for UNISON.

Contributing Nations

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