Character Generation

Character Generation

For new, incoming Player Characters (PC’s), we’ll use the customary rules described on pages 3-4 of the Test Drive v6 rules. Test Drive v6 Rules PDF

Here’s the particular notes:

Race – Human. You get one free Edge pick as a result.

Traits and Derived Statistics – You have D4’s for your attributes to start, and 5 points to raise them with. You then get 15 skill points, as written. Charisma, Pace, Parry and Toughness are all as written.

Edges and Hindrances – You may take up to 2 Minor Hindrances and 1 Major Hindrance, as written. This would give you a maximum of 4 advancements, and you can spend them as such: 2 advances = Increase an attribute, or chose a new edge. 1 advance = Gain a skill point.

Gear – Don’t worry about gear. We’re RPing spies working for a clandestine agency… Like 007, most of our stuff is provided for us in this context.

Background – Please do spend some time on this. We’d love to know more about your character and how he or she came to be recruited by UNISON. You’ll also need a cool code name!

Code Name Tips:
Some of our characters, having belonged originally to the Royal Canadian Intelligence Service (RCIS) had snow or winter-related themes to our code names. Blizzard and Frost are good examples. Other picked a name that jived with what their characters did best. Xerox for example was our chief forgery artist, so her code-name made sense. Others, picked their names out of the blue – E.g. Passport.

Whatever works and sounds cool is usually good to go. We’ll likely reject concepts that are sexists, racist, etc. If you’re stumped, just let us know.

We’re currently name our NPC agents after bands active in the 70’s and 80’s!

Character Generation

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