Bermuda Investigation
Mission Ops: Frost


Shipping vessels have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle. While this may not be news, given the legends around this region, the losses seem too targeted to be the work of myth and legend.

Concerned about a possible risk to Global Security, UNISON is tasked to investigate.

Frost returns to the team and directs the investigation. Initial reports suggest the location of several wrecks, but attempts to locate the wrecks for further investigation are thwarted by bad weather. The team decides that extra help is required.

Enter – Aerosmith. A hotshot pilot with a background in search and rescue, he joins the team and helps locate the underwater wrecks with Passport’s help.

Meanwhile, Blizzard and Xerox investigate leads in Miami. Someone is hiring divers and salvage crews, and trying to keep things off the books. Eventually, it is discovered that the late Colonel Klinkmann’s Neo Nazi gang is running a fundraiser by ‘sinking’ ships that are carrying priceless works of art stolen from European families in the second world war. Under several front companies, these works of art are being paid for by Insurance Policies, and being retrieved by their nefarious owners.

Blizzard and Passport sneak onto Klinkmann’s yacht, and discover that the Neo-Nazi’s are using an advanced form of gas compression to ‘mine’ an area of the sea floor with a reinforced canister of compressed gas. When the target ship enters range, the capsule is detonated remotely, and the ensuing froth at the surface guarantees an immediate sinking of the doomed ship.

A firefight erupts aboard the yacht, and the ship is destroyed by its own gas-weapon, while Blizzard and Passport are evacuated by Aerosmith.

Even with the loss of the Neo-Nazi’s yacht, several important works of art remain at large, and clues indicate that the Neo-Nazi’s have hidden them in a series of Storage Lockers in the Miami Area. Xerox calls on an old friend of the family, Barry Weiss, to help. Barry is an experienced collector and antique dealer and was able to help the team locate the works of art that were stolen in the 1930’s.

Operation: Closing Bell
Mission Ops: Xerox


The American economy is on the brink of collapse, as an upcoming, critical vote in Congress will either continue the nation’s economic viability, or cause the nation, and most of the world’s economy to fall into ruin. Traces on the international espionage networks, such as BEAVER, suggest that there is more at work against the Americans than just poor decision making on bad loans. There are only 6 days until the vote, and answers must be found.

UNISON is tasked to investigate.

Mission Notes:
Xerox quickly deploys Blizzard and Passport to track down leads in Manhattan, trading district. It soon becomes evident that a nefarious organization is plotting to shatter the world economy. The organization, Reich Legion (As was later learned), had planted numerous operatives within the financial community, and had been working since the market collapse of 2008 to ensure that the US economy would be unable to recover. While Blizzard tracked the neo-nazi operatives through several shady bars, and a few gun-fights, Passport worked to track down, with Xerox’s help, retired General John G. Richmond.

The General was able to fill the team in on their chief adversary – Colonel Klinkmann, a former SS Officer and wanted war criminal. The team learned that Klinkmann was extorting the current Chief Secretary of the US Federal Reserve, and were holding the chairman’s daughter hostage. The team defeated an assassination attempt on the Chairman, and rescued his daughter, thus thwarting Klinkmann’s plans. Herr Colonel was thought to have been killed when his car flew off the Brooklyn bridge during a climatic chase.


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